Liberty Gun Works is a gun manufacturer. We are also class 3 licensed. To meet you pistol needs we are a certified Glock armorer. We only manufacture or sell the best parts made in the USA!  All weapons and parts have been tested in extreme conditions including, Military, Law enforcement and by shooters like you! We stand behind each sale with one simple guarantee, if you don't love it we will refund your money, No questions asked. 

Liberty Gun Works

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Night Stalker 

Night Vision/Laser Combo


2446 Manatee Ave E

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 4:00pm

LGWs 7.62 X 39 Complete Upper

 The NIGHT STALKER OPTICS SYSTEM was designed to be a 24 hour optics package. With an ATN night vision monocular with an American Defense Q.D. mount attached the night vision can be mounted and released from the rail. It has a laser pack with a pressure tab to activate either standard green laser or an I.R. laser that is undetectable at night.

The complete system only sells for $600.00

Call for Friday hours (We may be at the Range)

7.62 x 39 enhanced bolt

Engineered not to break!

Saturdays - By appointment only

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Welcome to Liberty Gun Works Inc!

Liberator Bidirectional Trigger System

The ONLY Patented Bidirectional System on the market. Don't be fooled by imitators. Our system works in every manufactured AR without modifications. Go to You Tube for demo video! ​ 

Distributors wanted for our Liberator Bidirectional Trigger System!!!

Give us a call for more details

Whiplash Carrier 

Dry Molly Coated. This is a true lube less system

​​One of our hottest items!