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DoubleTAK Trigger​ System

No REFUNDS on this item all sales are final

​Our DoubleTAK Bidirectional Trigger system is patented pending. It is designed for all AK platform weapons. It can be installed in any 2 pin AK weapon (It will not work in the 3 pin Saiga system)

We have been selling the DoubleTAK system over the phone and at gun shows. With the high demand for this system we are now offing it online.

We can install the trigger system for you! You send your Rifle to our FFL, we install and test the system and ship it back. We only charge shipping! We are not out to rip you off with extra charges. Once you make the purchase call us for our FFL number and instructions. Please have you invoice number ready.

You ask what is a DoubleTAK Bidirectional Trigger System? It fires one shot when the trigger is pulled and a shot is fired on the release of the trigger, so two shots are fired when the trigger is pulled and released. This system can achieve (with practice) all most fully automatic fire rates. This system is not for everyone it will take practice and time to get use to how it works. We do not recommend this system for the novice or occasional shooter.

Your Cost is $200 each