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Liberty Gun Works Inc. is a custom, licensed AR-15 manufacturer based in Bradenton, FL.  We specialize in quality AR-15'sCall us at (941) 745-5800 to discuss your build options or to schedule an appointment at our store front!
Certified Glock Armorers on staff.   

  2446 Manatee Ave. E. 
Bradenton, FL. 34208
in the Sunbay Plaza
or email

Check out our new 9mm Liberator pistols!
These things are a blast to shoot
 -very low recoil
-much quieter than high power rounds
-high rate of fire with our Liberator Trigger

Visit our friends over at
for our Liberator pistols in 5.56x45mm Nato
which feature our new, patent pending, double-tap trigger assembly.

LGW now offers Improved upper receiver groups featuring our Improved 7.62x39mm bolts .

Our new 7.62 x39 system works great with steel or brass cased ammo.  Test bolts are going 10,000+ rounds of steel cased ammo without failure.  Buyer beware, this may become your new personal favorite.

Build a better AR!




All our rifles are designed with the shooter in mind.  Regardless of caliber, custom options are what makes our rifles the "go to" gun.
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